Why would Random House ask for its own books???

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This was the period when RH was converting the Modern Library from letterpress (relief) printing plates to offset lithograhy. They took clean copies of backlist titles, photographed the pages, and made offset plates from the negatives. They wanted to photograph copies of first or very early printings since later printings tended to show wear and batter to the plates. It was shortly before this period that offset lithographic printing had become cheaper than letterpress printing. Today nearly all printing is photolithographic; "hot" metal type isn't involved at any stage. I discussed this in my column in ML Collector 44.

Thanks for finding this ad! I hadn't seen it before. Somewhere I have a list of titles that RH hadn't been able to convert to offset lithography ... when I get time I'll compare it to this list.


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>In searching in the New York Times historic database, I ran across an  
>ad from Random House (December 8, 1968) addressing a plea to the  
>general public. The ad says (in part) "Random House is now revising  
>its entire Modern Library series and needs copies of these books..."  
>The ad includes a list of titles wanted "for editorial purposes and  
>for reproduction." See the ad here:
>Some of the titles in the list had recently been published. So how  
>could it be that Random House didn't have copies of its own library  
>-- especially recently published titles?
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