Did ML ever sell for 55 cents?

J B Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Thu Dec 7 07:51:31 EST 2006

On Dec 6, 2006, at 10:41 PM, Gordon Neavill wrote:

> Two new titles were scheduled for publication in spring 1919 but  
> not listed in Publishers' Weekly's "Weekly Record" of newly  
> published books until August 1919 -- Atherton's Rezanov and  
> Dowson's Poems and Prose. Does anyone have first printing jackets  
> of either of these with a 75 cent price? I have a tattered jacked  
> of Rezanov with only part of the price remaining -- it looks like  
> eighty cents to me.

Henry's Guide indicates that a 1st of Atherton has binding #1.
I have a copy in binding 2, and the jacket indicates 85c, blacked
out with a stamp below that probably is 95c.  So that doesn't
answer your question.

Scans are near the bottom of my ML DJ overview page: http:// 

It is certainly possible that the 75c price was only in the
advertisement, and never printed on the books.

John K.

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