Did ML ever sell for 55 cents?

Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Wed Dec 6 14:47:01 EST 2006


In response to my request for more info on the 1926 gift sets, John  
Krygier send me a gazillion ads covering the years 1917 - 1933. He  
could only find a couple dealing with the gift set, but he found a  
large number of really interesting ones. As I've been preparing them  
for a major expansion of the Advertisements feature, I noticed a  
progression of prices some of which had not previously been noted.  
(The progression is .60, .70, .75, .85, .95) But missing is any  
mention of a 55 cent price.

I seem to remember seeing 55 cents at the bottom band on the DJ  
spines of some of the earliest dust jackets. Was I too close to the  
cleaning solvent bottle at the time, or can anybody confirm this  
price? If so, especially helpful would be the date of the piece.

Any other prices listed anywhere - perhaps .65, .80, or .90?


Scot Kamins
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