Type l Dust Jacket Variants

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Tue Aug 29 14:47:39 EDT 2006

I agree.  What you end up with is a first dj or not a first dj.  Ignoring the thick/thin paper on the Bemelmans, without the jacket how can you tell first/not first on Thurber or Bemelmans?  Yet these we know about, because they are indicated as such in more than one place (but not the guide... although I can't recall; does the Thurber have a non-first indicator?).

Over the last month or so both John W. and Barry have somewhat lamented the fact that they may need to upgrade some of their copies to obtain the 'first' DJ based on new information.  An ISBN in many cases, a 'band' in another.  And don't forget the Ouida (plus others).  Only one printing (B&L), but two different jackets (B&L, ML).  I ask, which Ouida is more valuable?  Clearly, it would seem, the one with the B&L jacket.  Maybe not by a lot, but I believe there is a premium on it.  BUT, then again, maybe there were only two dozen ML jackets printed for 24 left over from B&L.  The ML jacket may be 5, 10 or more times as scarce!

Regardless of the reason for the dj variation, I was wondering if it would be worth noting all the known cases where the jacket changed on a title that has 'First' listed on all copies.


> Well, "partial band" DJs could have been added to a jacketless real  
> first book whereas ISBNs added to books that have old first edition  
> slugs constitute a different problem -- the former were done (I  
> assume) outside the factory and the latter were done at the printer's.
> So I would think that the meaningful one to keep track of would be  
> the "factory errors."  Yes? No? Maybe?

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