the decline of the modern library

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I would expect that buyers have always attempted to purchase books at the
lowest price they can find, and sellers have always attempted to sell books
at the highest price they can get. Over time the price that buyers and
sellers agree on may change. Certain categories of collectibles seem to go in
and out of fashion over time (apparently baseball cards are worth much less
than they were several years ago). But buyers waiting for or negotiating for
a lower price is also a free-market function. If buyers now realize that it
is easier to get a certain title than it was pre-eBay, they may decide that
it is not worth as much as it was before. If you had to snap up the one copy
you finally found in a bookstore somewhere before eBay you may have been
willing to pay a higher price than you do now that you can find multiple
copies every time you search eBay or ABE.

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I finally figured out that it is the collectors themselves
that are dragging down the ml prices!
don't blame it on ebay, which is a free market function,
that arrives at a price bidders thing a book is worth.
I have heard collectors state, on numerous occasions,
that no matter what the book or condition they won't pay
more than $6 or $7 for it. I am not sure if this is what they
feel any book is worth, or if it is all they can afford to pay.
I spent $200.00 for the first edition of gatsby and I  sold
it on ebay for almost $1200.00. the price it sold at was 
impressive, but so was the participation.
rigth now there are great buys on amenities at great
prices. why is nobody buying? because they are not all priced at $ 6.00?
a collector recently said that he wished all the  "big 
spenders" "inflating" the prices on ebay would go away.
Then he would be able to go back to buying ml's at 
$2.00 each. another word for ebay is free market buying
and selling and for collectors it should be know as 
competition. live with it or get out.
anthony pertusi

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