decline of the modern library

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Aug 28 14:49:35 EDT 2006


I think you misunderstand.
> what I said may have sounded cruel but the ml industry
> is at stake. collectors have to compete with ebay prices
> and get into the market. It is their lack of participation
> that is bringing  prices down.

I don't think what you said was cruel. I think it was absolutely  
accurate. I wasn't disagreeing with your thinking at all.
> . now you want to
> have  their entire collections rendered worthless.

Where did you get THAT idea??? I still have quite a few extremely  
expensive ML titles in my collection. I don't want the market to go  
DOWN -- I want it to to UP UP UP!!!!!

Scot Kamins
Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its  
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