Type l Dust Jacket Variants

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All five of the fall 1965 titles indicate on the verso of the title page that they were published in September 1965.  They seem to have appeared a little later than that.  Three are listed in Publishers Weekly's "Weekly Record" of newly published titles on Oct 18; Michaelangelo was listed the following week (Oct 25); Tolstoy's Short Stories was listed in the Nov. 22 issue.


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>Hi Barry,
>Thanks for all the information.  (It must be nice to have so many ML copies available for checking things like this!)
>Does the Michelangelo have a Month Year indicated along with the first statement?  I am wondering if it was possibly the last released in 1965; it would not be the first time that titles were not released in the order of their 'book numbers'.
>I'll update the Amenities site with all this new, useful, and entertaining material you have provided.
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