Type l Dust Jacket Variants

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Thanks for noting this discrepancy.  The type "l" jacket was used in fall 1965 and spring 1966 and for some later reprints of these titles.  

All of my fall 1965 first printings except Michelangelo have the full band at the bottom of the back panel: Genet Our Lady of the Flowers, Mann Confessions of Felix Krull Confidence Man, Tolstoy Short Stories v. 2, and Bellow Adventures of Augie March.

All of my spring 1966 first printings have the partial band at the bottom of the back panel: Johnson Reader, Hindu Tradition, Mann Doctor Faustus, Singer Selected Short Stories, and Tolstoy Short Novels v. 2.

I suspect that my copy of Complete Poems and Selected Letters of Michelangelo may be a later printing, based on the partial rather than full band.  Does anyone have this with a full band on the back panel of the jacket?  It's possible, of course, that RH tried out the parial band on this title, liked the way it looked, and switched to that format for all of the following season's titles.

I'm sure that the statement about the complete list of ML and Giants was omitted from early 70s jackets because RH no longer offered ML catalogs -- or cared much about the ML. The number of ML titles in print was slashed drastically in the early 1970s, with 118 titles being axed in 1971 alone.  

Random House moved in April 1969 from the Madison Ave. building to its own skyscraper at 201 East 50th St., which it still occupies.  Cerf loved the old building; there's a staged photo in At Random: The Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf (p. 194) of a defiant Cerf being "carried out" of the old building by Donald Klopfer and editor John Simon.


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>I have noticed two interesting variants on type 'l' dust jackets.  The analysis and images are available here:
>For the first variant, I'd appreciate any help in completing the research by having collectors check their first editions of late '65 and early '66 titles.  I am curious if type l's started out in the one format and moved to the other, of if the variant displayed is unique for that title.
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