Interest in Modern Library declining???

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You will find this to be true in the whole field of book selling/collecting.. My sales are down about 25% from a year ago. 
With the advent of the net, we are having a great transition. ..some good things,some bad. The reasons, good & bad are legion.
Just one small example; The Guide lists the Scribners Guide@ $75.00 in 1999. Today you can get copy for $10.00 as so many copies  have materialized in the last few years.
As to the Modern Library; the students of today  know not of the ML, as our generation knows not of the Dodo
All things have their time in the Sun, then fade into the twilight..


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Scot:  I also have noticed a slowdown on ML listings on e-bay.  I attribute 
it to summertime.  I am on a couple of favorite author listserves and they 
have also been slower the past few months.  Mark
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> Folks,
> I notice a decline in interest in Modern Library collecting. I base  this 
> on three things:
> 1) Decline in visitors to ModernLib as well as a decline in people 
> applying for membership
> 2) Decline in general questions I get about the Modern Library (I  used to 
> get three or four a week, now I get maybe one a month)
> 3) Lack of traffic on this ListServ
> Does anyone else notice this as a trend? If it is a trend, I wonder  why 
> it is so?
> Scot Kamins
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