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Thanks, John.  I'm really looking for something to cover some fairly valuable hardcovers w/o DJ's (e.g. Illustrated Alice w/o the original acetate).  But if I buy some, I'll have plenty to try on the flexies as well.

I appreciate the leads!

John Peterson

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>My 2005 Broadart Library Supplies catalog offers Cler Film Rolls in 1.5 to
>5-mil Ployester or 2.5-mil Polypropylene Rolls.  They are advertised for
>books with no dust jackets.  A couple of the catalog #'s are:
>10 609 001
>10 115 010
>55 179 002
>They should point you in the right direction.
>I considered buying a roll for my jacketless leatherettes.  If you spring,
>let us know how you like them.
>John Wolansky
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>In bookstores I've seen some books that are without dustjackets that have a
>clear mylar covering.  These covers are actually just a rectangle, more
>stiff that the usual brodart DJ covering, that has been creased at the
>appropriate places.  Does anyone have a source for this material and a name?
>Looking at the Brodart website, I wasn't able to spot anything like it.
>John Peterson
>John D. Peterson

John D. Peterson

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