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And First Thus ain't a First Edition anyway.

-Michael Watson

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>"NAP" stands for "no additional printings," and is used in (for one 
>example) McBride's pocket guide to publisher's practices in denoting 
>first editions. It has a pretty narrow application in this regard, 
>so lends itself to rampant misuse. It can also be used to describe a 
>short sleeping period, one of which I'm going to treat myself to right now ...
>All best,
>Bob Riedel
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>>I asked a dealer on eBay what criteria they used to determine the book they
>>are offering is a First Edition.  It is an illustrated Pickwick Papers in
>>slipcase.  They referred me to a book on ABE which used this terminology:
>>First edition thus (NAP)
>>Can anyone explain what the NAP is?  And just what they mean?
>>John Wolansky

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