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Great question Barry!  I've always assumed they were hand-stamped, but don't have one and have never seen a few side-by-side to compare.  Ooooh, what if there is more than one style of stamp to be found?  (Bwah-ha ha ha, bring me more variations!)  I like the "unscrupulous bookdealer" theory as to why the stamp(s) were used, but the stamp may have been a marketing ploy too.  Like "Last Chance Ever to BUY NOW!!" signage that will greet you at any store that is dumping inventory for the fall arrivals.  Popping into my wife's store today, I had to climb over a couple of these signs and it made me think of this possibility.  We may have part of our answer in that ML seemed to have only used the stamp for one season.  Right?  

   I still find the whole thing puzzling.


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>On Aug 15, 2006, at 6:25 PM, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
>> "Why deface them with a stamp?"
>> One must think as book dealers did in 1939,not as collectors of the 
>> ML series in 2006. The dust jackets value was to advertise the 
>> series and to be used as a order form,not to be kept as part of the 
>> book.
>Also, I have to think that it was less labor-intensive and therefore 
>cheaper to have a printing press make the impression than to have a 
>laborer do it.
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