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... another title to this thread.  I have a copy of George Moore's
Confessions of a Young Man, 16.1.  Toledano indicates 1917 to 1937 as the
years available.  My copy sports a jacket with 265 titles referenced on both
the back and inverse of the jacket, dating it to spring 1939.  The front of
the jacket has DISCONTINUED TITLE stamped prominently across the front.

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The printing of new jackets for sales of remaindered ML titles seems to have
been limited to 1939.  I've seen three examples: The Great Gatsby, Roberts's
Time of Man, and Hearn's Some Chinese Ghosts.  These jackets are usually
stamped REMAINDERED TITLE (I've seen a few 1939 jackets for Some Chinese
Ghosts without this, and hope to hear if the Time of Man jacket in question
here is stamped or not).

Why the ML did this is a mystery.  My guess is that an unscrupulous book
dealer was ordering remaineded titles and selling them at full price -- I
can't think of any other reason for the ugly REMAINDERED TITLE stamp.  But
if this was the case, why not stamp the original jackets?  And if the reason
was to freshen copies sold as remainders, why deface them with the stamp?



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>> The Time of Man was published in April 1935 in a first (and only)  
>> printing of 5,000 copies and discontinued at the end of 1938.  Like  
>> The Great Gatsby, there was a second printing of the jacket in fall  
>> 1939 that was used on remaindered copies of the first printing.
>I am curious why there was a second printing of the dust jacket.
>I thought the ML for the most part printed, bound, and jacketed
>books at the same time - thus the number of titles inside the
>jacket matches the catalog in the book (if there is one) and the
>binding style of the time.
>Maybe the ML wanted an up-to-date catalog on the remaindered
>titles jackets?
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