J B Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Fri Aug 11 07:54:23 EDT 2006

Hi MODLIB (& jbpickens, cc'ed),

As people near completion of whatever they believe is a
complete set of MLs it is curious to see titles they are

On Aug 10, 2006, at 5:48 PM, 20 Ants wrote:

> 1.) 2.2 Strindberg, Married and Miss Julie

A quick check of online sources reveal no copies with
this specific title.  But I looked at the Dogeared pages
and there is a 1930 jacket which must be this (2.2) title.
It is on the Strindberg page, top right.  I don't have this
title but bet that the binding indicates "Married" only.
Thus I suspect at least some of the many Strindberg
"Married" titles I found using Bookfinder are actually
2.2 Married (with Miss Julie).  Indeed, some of those
titles seem to suggest later balloon cloth binding, which
would be 2.2.

> 2.) 57.2 Maupassant, Une Vie and Bel Ami?

This is a different story.  While many Une Vie's are
about, the later 57.2 seems quite elusive - one of the
few in Henry's Guide with a "?" in the jacket column
(meaning, I suppose, that neither Henry nor any of
his correspondents had a copy in a jacket).

This book is one of my favorite ML obscurities, having
found a copy, with the jacket tucked in the back, in
a bookstore a few blocks from my house (for $6).  If
you really want a Dracula or Maltese Falcon in a jacket
you can find one.  Not so for Une Vie/Bel Ami.


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