John jwol at fast.net
Mon Aug 7 09:01:26 EDT 2006

On July 30, I wrote the following:

"On Scott's site, there is a blurb credited to Henry, Amy, and Scott about
the binding on the first for Balzac's book.  It reads as follows:

This title came in two first Edition bindings. The 1970 Guide describes a
type 6 giant binding, but there's also one that looks like an overgrown type
12 regular series with a blind-stamped ML on the front cover with most of
the cover inscribed in a rectangle with two curved corners. No evidence has
been presented as yet pointing to which binding is the true first."

Gordon N. followed up with a request that anyone with a straight G6 binding
inform him.  Since no posts have appeared, can we assume that if none of the
august posters on this site have a straight G6, it does not exist?  Does
Scott need to revise the blurb on his site?

John Wolansky

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