What makes them more valuable?

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sun Aug 6 13:48:40 EDT 2006

I think the best answer is that Henry deemed the supply to be lower (not the demand higher) for those #8 printings than for the first of the title in the flex binding.

Please note, the guide only has a higher price indicator for the following 5:

Huneker / Painted Veils
Lundberg / Imperial Hearst
Stendahl / Charterhouse of Parma
Sudermann / Song of Songs
Wilde / Picture of Dorian Gray w/De Profundis

The Gissing and Hart titles are given a higher indicator for the first.  From my limited experience I have seen several #8 bindings of the Hart title (and I have a copy myself), but have never seen it in the flex binding (all flex editions are claimed to be first editions).

There is also at least one title that has the same price indicator on the first and a later #8 (I don't recall it right now).

The Auden 2nd edition is a special case, since it is really a different title.  And Joe's experience is that it is more scarce than the first of the first edition.  But I have not heard a formal proposal to bump up the indicator on it (or reduce the indicator on the first of the first).  Joe?


> > The quick short answer to your question,DEMAND..
> Right. Let's not be simplistic, Joe - this isn't Economics 101. The  
> obvious question is what drives the demand.
> In general, collectors want first editions generally driving up the  
> price of these. Auden's Second Edition is still a first printing of a  
> different selection. But what of the others?
> I can see the binding being an issue -- that is, a second printing of  
> a very short run in a different binding. What other conditions make  
> these titles worth more in later printings?

In a recent thread, members determined that the following books in  
later editions were more valuable than their first edition  
cunteparts. What makes them more valuable?

Auden: Selected Poetry (with the statement "Second Edition")
Gissing: New Grub Street
Hart: The War in Outline
Lundberg: Imperial Hearst
Stendahl: Charterhouse of Parma
Sudermann: Song of Songs
Wilde: Picture of Dorian Gray w/De Profundis

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