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The entry for Augustine's Confessions from my ML bibliography has some of the information Bill Klimon is looking for, and I've sent him a copy.


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>Hello William,
>I regret that I can't help you. I have no information whatsoever  
>about this title.
>I'll forward this to the Modern Library ListServ to see if that  
>generates any information.
>On Aug 5, 2006, at 6:55 PM, William M. Klimon wrote:
>> Scot:
>> I have a favor to ask.  I'm preparing the catalogue for an  
>> exhibition of a selection of my collection of editions of St.  
>> Augustine's CONFESSIONS, to be held at St. Norbert College, De  
>> Pere, Wisconsin, in October.  One of the items I'm including is a  
>> first edition of E.B. Pusey's translation (1838).  I know that that  
>> is the translation used in the ML and I would like to refer to that  
>> fact.
>> I would be most appreciative if you could give me any scoop about  
>> the ML editions of the CONFESSIONS--any relevant facts about  
>> publishing history, number of editions, etc.  Could one say, e.g.,  
>> that that is the dominant edition of the CONFESSIONS in English in  
>> the 20/c?  Any of your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
>> Many thanks in advance.
>> Best,
>> Bill Klimon
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