I bought a book that stinks

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Highly recommended...


-Michael Watson

At 09:44 PM 8/1/2006, you wrote:

>Hello, all.
>I bought a book that stinks.  Not the author, the book itself.  I 
>mean the paper, the binding, the DJ, whatever.
>As soon as I opened the package, the odor came phooshing out.
>I haven't yet given my eBay feedback and am unsure what to 
>do.  Other than the smell, the book is essentially in the condition 
>advertised, which is reasonably good with some rather significant 
>heavily-read wear-and-tear with DJ, and it arrived reasonably promptly.
>The smell is moldy and musty.  The odor is beginning to permeate 
>that whole area of the room.  Can anything be done? I have set the 
>book in front of my air conditioner hoping that will somehow 
>help.  I have the feeling every book in this guy's place smells the 
>same way.  Maybe this is something that should be communicated 
>privately apart from the feedback?  It's kind of like "Take a bath!" 
>I've never seen an eBay seller state "smells good too" about a book, 
>but maybe they should.
>I am already getting the creepy feeling of invisible slime coming on 
>to my hands when I sit down to read this book, which I intend to do 
>(or at least I did).  Should I just toss this thing or return it 
>with a note explaining why?
>I appreciate your suggestions.  Enjoy your collections and your 
>reading.  I still do, notwithstanding interesting experiences such 
>as this.    Gordon

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