I bought a book that stinks

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Why don't you send me your snail mailing address and I will send you a small packet of the deodorizer granules that I mentioned in a couple of emails.  That way you won't have to invest $15.00 for the complete bottle which would last for months or many books.

The dryer sheets won't do the trick with odors that offensive, unless you have a super-sensitive nose, like an ex-smoker!

If you like the results and have any other books that need a good freshening, then you can consider buying a bottle.

Regards,  David/Chozen Books.

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  Thanks very much to all of you who replied with suggestions.  Several were very helpful.  My ML bookcase now has a new addition:  a large Ziploc bag, with enclosed contents of the offending book and two Bounce sheets.  There it shall remain for several days.

  The book was not expensive -- less than $25 including S&H -- so I will probably just toss it if this doesn't work.

  I washed my hands thoroughly after Zipping it.  One never knows what lurks.

  Thanks again.  Gordon R. McCoy
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