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J B Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Wed Aug 2 09:36:20 EDT 2006

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> Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 08:47:11 -0400
> From: pecksgrove at aol.com
> Subject: Re: I bought a book that stinks
> I have in the past received books that had a musty aroma.  This is  
> due to improper storage and may or may not be the sellors fault.   
> One book store I know has books that smell like smoke simply  
> because a business burned down next to the book store.  Should the  
> store owner throw out everything?  The best thing I have found in  
> dealing with a musty book is to just open it and stand on the end.   
> after a few days the aroma goes away and it becomes tolerable.  You  
> can also put a bowl or two of popheri(?) in your library as old  
> books tend to smell like old books.
> Don

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