I bought a book that stinks

MICHAEL BAHN mbahn at suscom.net
Wed Aug 2 07:57:35 EDT 2006

The scent of 'Eau de Bibliomanic' perhaps?
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  Hello, all.

  I bought a book that stinks.  Not the author, the book itself.  I mean the paper, the binding, the DJ, whatever.

  As soon as I opened the package, the odor came phooshing out.

  I haven't yet given my eBay feedback and am unsure what to do.  Other than the smell, the book is essentially in the condition advertised, which is reasonably good with some rather significant heavily-read wear-and-tear with DJ, and it arrived reasonably promptly.

  The smell is moldy and musty.  The odor is beginning to permeate that whole area of the room.  Can anything be done? I have set the book in front of my air conditioner hoping that will somehow help.  I have the feeling every book in this guy's place smells the same way.  Maybe this is something that should be communicated privately apart from the feedback?  It's kind of like "Take a bath!" I've never seen an eBay seller state "smells good too" about a book, but maybe they should.  

  I am already getting the creepy feeling of invisible slime coming on to my hands when I sit down to read this book, which I intend to do (or at least I did).  Should I just toss this thing or return it with a note explaining why?

  I appreciate your suggestions.  Enjoy your collections and your reading.  I still do, notwithstanding interesting experiences such as this.    Gordon
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