P-50 Great Russian Stories

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Fri Apr 28 15:09:31 EDT 2006

I recently found a color variation for P-50 (Great Russian Stories).  This variation has a white, rather than yellow, background.  Scot has posted it on Dogeared.  Both my white and yellow copies have a list to P50 (spring 1959).

What is interesting about this variation is that it is 15 or 20% thicker than the yellow one.  The paper is thicker and a very bright white (number of pages is the same).  An image of the two side by side (spine view) is available at:


Noted differences:
- White instead of yellow
- No diaganol line by the price
- Thicker paper
- The first page in the book (not the title page) is different (it does not have the "Modern Library Paperbacks are published by..." text)

So, which is first?  Probably the white one, but I don't know for sure.


Does anyone have a white version of P50 to compare?
Does anyone have a copy of P50 without the list on the back to P50?



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