Seeking info RE Mod Lib 1977-1980 editions

Ron Holl modlib at
Thu Apr 27 16:08:26 EDT 2006

Hi Jay,

It looks like you may become the expert.  Whatever information you collect can be placed on the Amenities site (this is outside the scope of Dogeared).  If we post what you have so far (the list of titles), you might get help as other collectors notice missing titles.


> I am seeking information regarding the Modern Library editions published from 
> 1977 to 1980. Although most collectors are not interested in these editions, 
> they are the first books I bought as a teen when first interested in the 
> classics. They are easily recognizable by the tan dust jackets with brown 
> typography and no illustration. 
> I am interested in, first of all, determining which titles were published in 
> this format during these years; does a list of the Modern Library titles 
> published in the 1977-1980 editions exist?
> Also I am interested in determining the binding types and sizes published in 
> this format during these years. Thus far I have determined that Toledano 
> binding 15 (which seems to be to be about the same size as the 8 or 11 binding) 
> exists as well as G8, the giants.
> Any help or advice as to where to seek help would be much appreciated!
> Thank you!
> Jay
> Cincinnati, Ohio

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