Another ML Author Dies...

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Tue Apr 25 14:47:50 EDT 2006

Thanks for noting this.  I read her book shortly after it was first 
published.  This Chicago resident found her writing to be an excellent response to so 
much nonsense that was being done at the time in the name of "urban renewal."  
Now, her wisdom in these matters appears to be widely accepted and our cities 
are much the better for it.  Maybe it is not a coincidence that many of our 
cities (including my own) are boom towns now, whereas at the time her book was 
published, there was huge decline.  Maybe the change in policies that came 
after her writing served as one of the factors leading to the real renewal that we 
see today.

I am glad that Modern Library included her, and am saddened at her passing.

Gordon R. McCoy
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