Seeking info RE Mod Lib 1977-1980 editions

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Mon Apr 24 21:20:30 EDT 2006

I am seeking information regarding the Modern Library editions published from 
1977 to 1980. Although most collectors are not interested in these editions, 
they are the first books I bought as a teen when first interested in the 
classics. They are easily recognizable by the tan dust jackets with brown 
typography and no illustration. 

I am interested in, first of all, determining which titles were published in 
this format during these years; does a list of the Modern Library titles 
published in the 1977-1980 editions exist?

Also I am interested in determining the binding types and sizes published in 
this format during these years. Thus far I have determined that Toledano 
binding 15 (which seems to be to be about the same size as the 8 or 11 binding) 
exists as well as G8, the giants.

Any help or advice as to where to seek help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!
Cincinnati, Ohio
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