Suggestions for good stores in NYC and Washington DC?

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Fri Apr 21 23:18:33 EDT 2006

I second the nomination of All Books Considered.  It has an outstanding ML stock.  Kensington is north of Washington D.C. and easily accessible by car.  I assume it's also accessible by public transportation -- if I'm not mistaken I seem to remember a train station in the area -- but you'd have to check on that.

The Strand Bookstore in New York is also good and shelves ML books together.  It's one of the few secondhand bookstores left in the city.  Most of the others have been gentrified out of existence.  You may stumble across one or two small shops on side streets in the Greenwich Village area, but I don't know of any with significant ML stocks.  It may also be worth checking the Strand rare book department on an upper (6th?) floor, accessible by elevator, to see if they have jacketed first printings of older titles.


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>     Hello.  I will be traveling next week to New York
>     City and Washington DC.  Do any of you have
>     suggestions for bookstores that have good Modern
>     Library sections?  I am familiar with the famous
>     Strand Books in New York, but that's about it. 
>     Thanks!
>     Gordon R. McCoy
>   With all modesty, I must nominate All Books
>   Considered.  We have 5 bookcases of ML, most shelves
>   doubled.
>   Our regular sale gives 50% discount on orders of 5
>   or more books.  Beyond ML, we have about 35,000
>   pretty good books.
>   On Sunday afternoon April 23, Kensington will
>   celebrate the International Day of the Book, a
>   street festival.  Details at
>   You can get information about Washington area book
>   dealers at
>   Hope to see you!
>   DR
>   Donald D. Ramsey
>   ALL BOOKS CONSIDERED, 10408 Montgomery Ave.,
>   Kensington, MD 20895 USA
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