Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury"

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The question of the source of the text in a Modern Library edition was rarely addressed. Even in titles that were directed to academic audiences, the source for the text was never stated. Now with the publication of The Library of America edition of "William Faulkner Novel 1926 - 1929,"  I find a Modern Library text cited as the source for what is suppose to be the authoritative text.

The Library of America is an effort to publish the authoritative texts of major American writers. The details of the book in question: "William Faulkner Novel 1926 - 1929," edited by Joseph Blotner and Noel Polk, 2006, Literary Classics of the United States, Inc., New York, N.Y. Number 164 in the series. 

In "Note on the Text,"  an explanation is given concerning the Appendix: Faulkner wrote "1699 - 1945 The Compsons" in 1945 for inclusion in "The Portable Faulkner," edited by Malcolm Cowley, which contained a selection from the fourth section of "The Sound and the Fury." Under the title "Appendix/Compsons: 1699 - 1945" it appeared in the 1946 Modern Library combined edition of "The Sound and the Fury" and "As I Lay Dying." In 1992 the Modern Library published the text of the 1984 corrected edition of "The Sound and the Fury" in an issue that contained a new text of "Appendix / Compsons: 1699 - 1945," edited by Polk and based on Faulkner's carbon typescript. 

The text printed in this volume is taken from the 1992 Modern Library issue of "The Sound and the Fury." In the Modern Library No. 187 edition of "The Sound and the Fury," the "Appendix/Compsons: 1699 - 1945" appeared at the beginning of the novel's text. In The Library of America edition the Appendix appears at the end of the novel.
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