Cat Project: What Subcats are appropriate?

modlib at modlib at
Fri Sep 30 16:21:11 EDT 2005

I think an important reason is missing as #4:

Using this list, one can select a title out of one's library based on category.  In fact, I thought that was the main reason.  For example, I decide to choose a new book to start.  I want some shorter stories.  Instead of scanning all the books on the shelves I go to this list, and scan down the short stories section.  Now, if there were sub-categories that would be great.  I would look under 'humor' or 'best selections' (ok, that's an opinion) and find Treasury of Damon Runyon.  Perfect!  Then I see Regular #53 listed next to it and quickly find the book on the shelf.


> Well, let's think about the reasons to have this thing at all:
> 1) It's great to know what section in the bookstore to go to in order  
> to find missing titles.
> 2) It's fun for some of us to arrange our libraries by genre to  
> assist us in reading.
> 3) It's good to know what genre a lot of these titles belong to -  
> especially the titles of books that no one has read for 50 years.

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