Cat Project: What Subcats are appropriate?

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Sep 30 16:00:41 EDT 2005

On Sep 30, 2005, at 9:45 AM, Bill DiBenedetto wrote:
> i confess i was also an English major (but am not a librarian) -- I  
> agree
> with Clare with about the advisability of additional breakdowns within
> classification, but i also fear that it might be getting a tad too
> complicated.
Well, let's think about the reasons to have this thing at all:

1) It's great to know what section in the bookstore to go to in order  
to find missing titles.
2) It's fun for some of us to arrange our libraries by genre to  
assist us in reading.
3) It's good to know what genre a lot of these titles belong to -  
especially the titles of books that no one has read for 50 years.

Those are the three strongest reasons.

Weakest reason: It's amusing in a compulsive neurotic sort of way to  
break down books into as many categories as possible.

So given the three numbered reasons above plus other good reasons any  
reader of this listserv can propose, what additional subcategories  
are appropriate?

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