Cat Project: Incomplete First Pass is Up

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Thanks for all your great comments! Let me respond to each.

On Sep 30, 2005, at 9:18 AM, Clare Imholtz wrote:

> What a huge job this is!  You definitely have the
> advantage of having read these books, while for many
> of them I have only vague impressions.

Oh, I haven't read them all! I had to research at least 150 titles to  
know what they were about at all. That's what gave me the original  
impetus for doing the project -- I had no idea what some of these  
things were.
> I'm pretty sure Lust for Life is fiction. Of course,
> it's biographical fiction, so it is a judgment call as
> to whether it belongs in biography. I am old school,
> so I tend to say no.

Oh - so it is!  I'll move it to Novels.
> Anthropology strikes me wrong for Elizabethan World
> Picture. But I haven't read it, so what do I know...!

I had trouble with that one. It discusses literature, belief systems,  
and so on. I thought maybe literary criticism, but...
I could use some help on it.
> How about a Travel / Voyages / Adventures section,
> something like that?

What titles would you put in it?
> Also, I felt the need for a English Literature
> Section.. someplace for Boswell/Johnson and Pepys (and
> many others). Could do Russian literature too.

Let me consider it...

> The
> novel, short story, poetry sections are so long,
> additional breakdowns or classifications would be
> advisable. (Yes, I was an English major)

[::sigh::] Quite right.

> Did you consider taking a look at the Dewey Decimal
> system, and see how difficult titles have been
> classified in it? (I admit I am a librarian, too.)

I tried to find specific titles but didn't have a lot of luck. Is  
there a place on the Net I can look?

Scot Kamins

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