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There is a lot of enjoyment to collecting ML. It is also a rewarding  
experience to sell them to new and old collectors and find new homes for all your 
treasures when it is time to dis-collect although it seems, in retrospect, that 
it was easier and more fun to find the MLs in the first place, probably because 
it was spread over a long time. Now I’ve been there and done that with only 
one book remaining. It is the  hardest to part with: Toledano’s special edition 
of  The Modern Library Price Guide 1917- 2000.  Hardbound, slipcased, signed, 
and limited to 26 lettered copies. This is copy  “N” and still F/F.
If you crave this jewel, write. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.   
EHSCHOTT at aol.com
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