Classification project: The Problem of Assignment

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Thu Sep 29 13:16:33 EDT 2005


In working on the Classification Project (which I'm really enjoying,  
by the way), it becomes quickly apparent that some books are not  
easily assigned to a given category.

The Greek Way discusses so many aspects of classical Greek culture   
-- is it History? Is it Anthropolgy? Hiroshima is at least History  
and Biography.  On a less philosophical and more technical note, are  
books like Gulliver's Travels novels or short story collections? And  
that particular book could easily go into Political Satire (but  
luckily I don't have that subcategory).

SO the best I can do is the best I can do. I'l present the work to  
you as a first pass, and we can discuss on this ListServ what changes  
should be made. And certainly we'll need to make changes: I know I've  
already got some errors; I just realized I put Dubliners as a novel,  
and it's a collection of short stories.

OH- while we're on the topic, do folks want to wait until I've made a  
complete first pass, or do you want me to put it someplace where you  
can make comments as I go along? I could toss it up on Dogeared once  
a day, and you could check it out at your leisure. Comments?

Scot Kamins

"We must be the change we want to see in the world."  ~ Gandhi

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