Classification Project: First Pass at Areas

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Tue Sep 27 17:42:54 EDT 2005

The first because fiction is fiction, and the division of novels vs. short 
stories would seem to be by length rather than subject. Also it would split some 
authors' fictional works, like Tolstoy's, into separate categories 
(unnecessarily, as I see it).

I could be wrong about the "Science" suggestion, especially if the soft 
sciences like psychology and anthropology are lumped in -- maybe the number of 
scence-oriented ML titles is larger than I'm remembering.


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> On Sep 27, 2005, at 2:15 PM, Printmat at wrote:
> >> would make it just "Fiction" broken into single-author and anthology 
>> titles, rather than use the maddening Kamins method. Also a general "Science" 
>> heading rather than "Biology", etc.
> Why is that, Bob?

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