Classification Project: First Pass at Areas

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Tue Sep 27 17:30:09 EDT 2005

Maybe just Religion and Mythology wither as a combined category or as
separate categories.

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> here's my first pass at area titles. These are the titles I use to
> classify my own collection. Note that I use separate classifications
> for Short Stories and Novels:
> Anthropology
> Art
> Biology
> Drama
> Economics
> Essays
> History (World, Greek, Roman, American)
> Humor [as such]
> Literary Criticism
> Music
> Novels
> Philosophy
> Poetry
> Politics
> Psychology
> Short Stories
> Sociology
> Spirituality (Religion, Mythology, Spirituality)
> "Essays" is a problematic area. But to overcome the problem,  as well
> as the problem of anthologies,  certain titles may find their way
> into multiple classifications. Indeed there's no reason that a given
> title may find itself appearing all over the place, if that's what's
> appropriate.
>   Humor will include titles such as "Encyclopedia of Humor" but would
> NOT (at first) include Zuleika Dobson and Pickwick Papers, both of
> which would appear under Novels. And Maltese Falcon would appear
> under Novels, but there would not be a Mysteries section. If folks
> wanted to break down titles further, I'd need lots of help
> determining what went where -- but I'm willing to consider all ideas
> here.
> Scot Kamins
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