Would an Index to Titles by Genre be helpful?

modlib at alltel.net modlib at alltel.net
Mon Sep 26 22:30:59 EDT 2005

Yes, this would be very useful; even though I classify by number.  If the list had the number included with the title, both systems would be linked.

Will you include Reg, Giant, and PB?


> I've been thinking that there are those folks who collect and  
> classify MLs by genre - philosophy, art, short story, novel, and so  
> on. It also occurs to me that some titles are so obscure that folks  
> don't know what genre they belong to.
> Would it be helpful if Dogeared had a breakdown of titles by genre?
> I could get a good start on this, but I'd need input and likely  
> correction from folks as I built the catalog.
> What do you think? Is this something you'd like to see? It might be  
> especially useful for people (like me) who read what they collect.

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