What's Up With These Giants?

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I assume that Wisdom of Catholicism is original 1949 Random
House edition in a specially printed jacket.  The MLG edition
published in 1955 is in the standard Giants format.  Random
House must have had unjacketed copies of the original edition
they wanted to sell and used the MLG jacket plates to print a
larger jacket to fit the book.

Joe Hill sold me a copy of the RH edition of An Anthology of
Famous British Stories similarly attired in an oversize MLG


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>   John Wolansky sent me this note:
>     Scott, I thought you might, like most guys, enjoy
>     something strange for a
>     change.  ... Understand, this is an actual
>     photograph of actual
>     specimens.  This is not trick photography and the
>     photo has not been touched
>     up.  These are actual sizes, I have held each
>     one.
>   Check out the photo here:
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