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Sat Sep 24 12:38:35 EDT 2005

Hi John,

I gave a 'Wow' verbally; I guess you didn't hear it in PA.

I am interested in the explanation, but didn't have anything to add since I don't really collect the giants (I have a grand total of 9).

I look forward to the rest of the explanation (I see that half has been solved already).


> I just received a gentle nudge from Scott regarding the pic I sent him.  I
> suggested he publish it and invite comments from the list.  The anticipated
> collective "WOOOOOOWWWWWWW!" never came.  Is everyone's collection so
> extensive you all have copies of these books?  Anyone notice the size?  Is
> it only jacketed flexies that excite this crowd?  When I was book hunting, I
> passed by and something said, stop, something is not quite right here.  I
> examined and purchased the books.  
>   Last chance to show how ML savvy you are.  Does anyone have an
> explanation?  I will send Scott another photo with an explanation.
> Here is a link to the pic:
> http://www.dogeared.com/oddGiants.jpg
> John Wolansky

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