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Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Sep 23 12:32:38 EDT 2005

On Sep 23, 2005, at 6:13 AM, Clare Imholtz wrote:

> That's another contest idea--all ML titles that were
> on the Index. I'll bet there are more than a couple.
> Reading a book on the Index meant you were immediately
> condemned to hell, as I recall

Only until the second Vatican Council in 1962. :-D

The list was quite extensive and included such ML notables as  
Laurence Sterne, Voltaire, Daniel Defoe, Honor de Balzac, Jean-Paul  
Sartre, and almost all your favorite philosophers and political  
thinkers -- almost anyone who might get you to think.

As I recall, reading Thomas Aquinas and Augustine was OK (under close  
supervision, of course).

Scot Kamins

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