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Mon Sep 19 14:11:44 EDT 2005

Hi Bill,

Barry has a nice summary of ML/Vintage PB history in his intro to the ML PB Dating Key.  (Dogeared/General Interest)


> while we are talking about paperbacks, i have some questions that i've
> wondered about for some time.
> I have paperback editions, under the Vintage Book imprint, of The Royal Way
> by Malraux, and Great Modern Short Stories. The covers are identical to the
> ML editions of the same titles.  I understand that Vintage is (or was) a
> division of Random House, but i wonder when and why the ML paperback list
> became Vintage, and how that change fits imto the ML universe (if it does at
> all) and what  the interplay is, for collectors' purposes, between ML and
> Vintage paperbacks.

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