Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Mon Sep 19 13:30:38 EDT 2005

while we are talking about paperbacks, i have some questions that i've
wondered about for some time.

I have paperback editions, under the Vintage Book imprint, of The Royal Way
by Malraux, and Great Modern Short Stories. The covers are identical to the
ML editions of the same titles.  I understand that Vintage is (or was) a
division of Random House, but i wonder when and why the ML paperback list
became Vintage, and how that change fits imto the ML universe (if it does at
all) and what  the interplay is, for collectors' purposes, between ML and
Vintage paperbacks.

I also have about 10 or so ML paperback college editions that i value highly
for a variety of personal and mainly nostalgic reasons, but i notice that we
pay no attention to them and wonder why that is. Ok they are cheap and the
covers are distinctly uninteresting, but they are sturdy and make great
reading copies. (They are also good to carry around when traveling, rather
than precious hardback editions.) If anyone wants to get rid of those
particular paperbacks, let me know.

Sorry if these are repeats of issues discussed in previous threads of the

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