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Mon Sep 19 12:42:42 EDT 2005

Hi Scot!

Maybe they are still worth considering.  Although we have determined (at least in one case) that the color changes were not always permanent (not a real 'change'), they are unique printings.  I find the variations interesting!

One question is, how many of the PB's had color changes?  All, some, few, most?  Also, if someone wanted a complete PB collection (including color variations) where could one find the information to help them reach that goal?

With respect to the "B" type DJs, how many color variations existed?  Did all titles with those DJs have all color combos?

SO, the question is: Is the database complete without color variations included (common or not)?


p.s. isn't that blue Hamlet rumor buggin you just a bit?

> Thanks for the offer, but I think these aren't useful for the  
> database. (Ron Holl has also found a batch of paperback color  
> variations.) It would appear that color variations in paperbacks are  
> as common as color variations on the "B"-type DJ's of the 1930's.  
> They evidently have no meaning and therefore aren't really useful  
> variations.

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