John jwol at
Mon Sep 19 10:15:21 EDT 2005

Scott, I picked up a copy of Vanity Fair, P9, this weekend and recalled your
eMail on colors.  I just checked my copy against your database and,
surprise, mine has a color combination different from the one you have on
your site.  My first with 10 copies on the back cover is blue and red, like
the one you show. The new one, with 34 titles on the back, has a red block
behind the title and the horizontal stripes are yellow.  There is no fading
on my copies.  eMail if you want a pic.

Have you noticed all your eMails get "bounced" through the list serve
administrator?  Is that by design or is John reviewing them to insure the
content is suitable for family viewing? ;-)

John Wolansky

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