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20 Ants archetype at 20ants.com
Sun Sep 18 21:09:27 EDT 2005


Life has been too fast and zany, lately, to reply until now...

I really do appreciate the lifetime membership. When things settle down, 
here, I'll contribute more than I've been able to lately.

Thanks, bud. -Michael

At 03:15 PM 9/14/2005, you wrote:
>In the course of unrelated discussions, it has been pointed out to me that 
>some folks on the ListServ can't see certain pages on Dogeared. This is 
>because not all members of the ListServ are members of Dogeared, and many 
>Dogeared pages require a member's logon and password.
>But there is no reason for anyone not to become a Dogeared member and 
>receive a logon name and password. Here are three ways to become a 
>Dogeared member:
>1) Join as a paying member, sending in $15 - $100.
>2) Ask for a complimentary membership, reserved for folks who genuinely 
>can't pay and don't possess the resources to make editorial contributions. 
>Folks receiving complimentary memberships are expected to contribute 
>editorial when they can.
>3) Join as an editorial contributor (a new category I just made up) by 
>sending in a bunch of info not already on Dogeared, conforming to 
>Dogeared's policies: dust jacket images, text of dust jacket blurbs, or 
>building on any of the many ongoing Dogeared projects. [I'll work on 
>developing this idea.]
>By the way, folks who make editorial contributions Above & Beyond the Call 
>of Duty are awarded (actually, they earn) life memberships.  You can see 
>the names of these dozen Dogeared luminaries by going to the Membership 
>Roster page  and scrolling to the bottom:
>Scot Kamins
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