Image sizes in Dogeared (was: Re: Flex Plato Variant DJ)

Sun Sep 11 16:30:09 EDT 2005

You did a great reconstruction job, Scott -- it looks even
better than mine!


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>Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:40:11 -0700
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>Subject: Image sizes in Dogeared (was: Re: Flex Plato Variant
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>On Sep 11, 2005, at 12:13 PM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:
>> Scott, my spring 1939 jacket is in excellent condition and
>> wouldn't require much if any touchup ... let me know if you'd
>> like me to scan it for Dogeared.
>Thanks much, Barry. Please check out my reconstruction of the dj:
>If yours is clearer, please send it!!!!
>> Finally, I've often wished that the jacket database in
>> Dogeared used slightly larger images for jackets from books
>> with Blumenthal and later bindings.  This would make it easier
>> to distinguish jackets used on balloon cloth and Blumenthal
>> bindings.  Also, there were several pictorial jackets that
>> were used on later ballon cloth printings as well as
>> Blumenthal bindings.  If these were reproduced in smaller and
>> larger formats it would make it easier for collectors to know
>> they should be looking for both.  It would be tedious and time
>> consuming to reduce or enlarge several hundred images at this
>> point, but it might be worth it.
>Yes, I agree. If I were starting the project today, that's
just how  
>I'd do it.
>  Back when I started the project, storage space/bandwidth on
>internet was quite expensive (far more than it is now) so I
>against full-sized images. If I were starting again, I'd go
>size. Thus images would be clearer, all text would be
visible, one  
>could distinguish flexis from Blumnethals from late 60's from
>I think that trying to re-assemble a couple thousand images
might be  
>a problem at this point. I don't have the originals, and
blowing up  
>the images to full-size (now standardized at 3/5" tall at 72
>would make them look terrible. And while among all the
ListServ &  
>Dogeared members most of the images might be available, getting  
>people to scan them properly and send them in is problematic:
>people don't like to contribute editorial material for some
>(time, interest, equipment, whatever).
>As to why I didn't use proportional 1/2-size images
originally -- I  
>don't know!  Just a bad decision on my part, I certainly
admit. It  
>wouldn't have taken any more space to do it that way, and it  
>certainly would have been better. I regret it now.
>Scot Kamins
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