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J B Krygier jbkrygier at owu.edu
Sat Sep 10 07:28:19 EDT 2005

Hi Modlib,

A few links to information about other book series that may be
of contextual interest to ML collectors:

	An extensive bibliography of this series, with 900 titles.


The Lucile Project

	Instead of collecting one series of books, you could collect
	one book as it appeared in different book series.  Lucile is
	a now obscure narrative poem written in 1860 by Lord Lytton,
	with the pseudonym Owen Meredith.  Over the span of about 80
	years nearly 100 U.S. publishers issued this title in about
	2000 editions & issues.  Most of the series are late 1800s
	and early 1900s - thus this site is a great source of different
	book series from that era.  I am no historian of book series,
	but many of the series at the Lucile site seem distinct from
	the series published starting in the 1908-1920 era - Everyman's
	Modern Library, etc.  The earlier series lacked dust jackets,
	tended to have much fussier bindings and decoration, and
	were not quite as literary in intent (although they contained
	some of the same titles as later series).  Some english grad
	student needs to do a dissertation on this topic.  The site:


john k.

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