Let's play 'Spot the Errors!"

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Your alternative game idea, "Replace that Collection!" is wonderful.
Yes we all need to contribute money or other emergency assistance now
during the worst.  The poor, as always, are most devastated.

I agree, however, that something like this would be quite welcome to
some of our ML friends still reeling from their losses a few months from
now when the spot lights are off.

I would be honored to contribute books to your program when the time

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Scot, John et al:

    I looked at the auction and although it contains many mistakes, I do
not think it was deliberately deceptive, unlike some other ML auctions.
Being an individual who has been guilty of numerous typographical errors
in my lifetime, I'm particularly uncomfortable with throwing stones in
that area.

    Here's an idea for an alternative game.  It's called "Replace that
Collection!"  At least two members of this list (and probably several
more) have likely sustained major damage from Katrina to their houses
by extension their ML collections.  If someone were to privately contact
these people and find out what has been lost, we could embark on a group
project to help them replace the titles.  If everyone just provided one
title, we could accumulate quite a few.  Of course, we'll have to wait a
few weeks to start since books may not be at the top of people's needs
a while. All of us are probably giving money to the Red Cross or
similar organizations, but this is a way to do something that is
meaningful for this list, for dogeared members, or both.


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