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> Anthony,
> I'm not quite sure where I am to be looking for the numbers to which 
> you =
> are referring.
> On the spine of the book it is shown as T28.
> The listed printed on the back wrap has the authors listed in =
> alphabetical order, Austen at the top, Wordsworth at the bottom.  The =
> numerical list runs from T1 at the top, T41 at the bottom.  The Milton 
> =
> title is about two-thirds down the list and again shows T28.  I see no 
> =
> other numbers, such as a regular ML number in brackets anywhere.
> I don't know what more to tell you, especially since you are giving an 
> =
> example of a book and numbers that are not even on the list on this =
> book.  I would assume then that this copy is NOT in the regular series.
> Do you mind sharing info about the pencil drawing you mentioned in the 
> =
> original inquiry, what is the topic or subject of the drawing?
> Regards,  David/Chozen Books.
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>   the modern library collector, numbers 24 thru 27, has=20
>   a 4 part listing of all college edition  T numbers. they are shown in
>   numerical order.
>   next to each college edition listed is the regular ml
>   number in brackets. If there is no ml number listed
>   it is not in the regular series.=20
>   for example, T100 andrew marvel: complete poetry of andrew
>   marvel does not have a corresponding bracketed number
>   because it is not in the regular ml.
>   there are quite a few ml college edition titles not in the regular
>   series.
>   anthony pertusi

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