Does ANYBODY collect Modern Library College Editions?

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Sat Oct 29 17:15:53 EDT 2005

To the extent that i'll usually buy ML college editions if i run across them
and if they are not too battered, i do collect. i do not have very many
however, nor do i come across many during my book searching runs.

some editions have a list of titles at the back, some not. some also have
the price on the cover, some not. It appears that the ones that were priced
also had the list of titles. My copy of Light in August ( T 68) is priced at
$1.75 and the  number of titles listed in this edition goes to T 102. The
copyright date for this edition was 1968 so it was somewhat pricey for a
paperback at that time. (i don't know what the 'T' signified.)
My experience with these editions is that they are sturdy and hold up very
well.  All of mine are tight, with no loose pages, and there is minimual
spine splitting, probably much below the average for a mass market or even
quality paperback (today or back then).  In many ways i look upon them as an
early take on the quality paperbacks that have become such a big part of the
i would be happy to compile a list of titles (at least as of 1968)  if
anyone is so inclined.

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