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Clare Imholtz muldoone99 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 12:00:19 EDT 2005

I volunteer for Charles Dodgson.  :)

clare imholtz

--- Scot Kamins <kamins at dogeared.com> wrote:

> Folks,
> Dogeared database pages have become a lot more
> information-rich than  
> they once were. For any given page you'll find one
> or more of the  
> following seven categories:
> DJ image: At least one -- usually more -- DJ image
> per title
> Bio icon: Link to a biography about the author
> Info Icon: Information about a title as it relates
> to the Modern Library
> Content Icons: Link to complete content of a title
> in electronic form
> ToC Icons: Table of contents for anthologies, short
> stories, essay  
> collections,
>       with or without links to full content for one
> or more entries
> Metacontent icon: link to information about the
> contents of a title
> DJ Blurb Icon: Blurbs from the panels and flaps of
> dust jackets
> With around 435 authors and around 800 separate
> titles, and with  
> Internet sources appearing and disappearing with
> breakneck speed,  
> keeping the database complete, accurate, and with
> all links live is  
> quite the job!  In fact, it's too big a job for one
> guy (i.e. me) to  
> handle well.
> So I'm proposing an "Adopt An Author" Program. You -
> or a school-aged  
> family member needing to develop Internet
> searching/research skills -  
> pick one author in the Dogeared ML lineup. The job
> of the author's  
> Guardian is to keep the links/images on that page
> healthy. The  
> Guardian's name appears at the bottom of hir
> author's page just above  
> the ML Home icon, in a form something like "Author
> Guardian: John  
> Krygier" perhaps with a link to the "Adopt A
> Guardian" page  
> describing the program and encouraging others to
> join.
> Here's a first pass at a list of complete Guardian
> duties:
> For images: If an image on the Author's page isn't
> that great, the  
> Guardian locates a better one and alerts me to its
> location. Or the  
> Guardian might be on the lookout for missing DJs for
> that author.
> For links: The Guardian makes sure that the current
> links are active  
> and of good quality. If the link is busted, the
> Author alerts me and  
> tries to find a good working link. Or if in the mind
> of the Guardian  
> the link goes to information/content of an inferior
> quality, s/he  
> tries to find better links. And if links are absent
> (no bio, no  
> metacontent, and so on) the Guardian tries to find
> links.
> For DJ blurbs: The Guardian types up DJ blurbs and
> sends them to me.  
> This, of course, assumes that the Guardian has a
> dust jacketed copy  
> of the title in question. If s/he doesn't, s/he
> doesn't -- and that  
> part of the Guardian's duties are deferred until
> s/he gets a copy, if  
> ever.
> For ToCs: The Guardian types up Tables of Contents
> as appropriate and  
> sends them to me. (A jacketless copy will do for
> this, although  
> matching the date will likely be important since
> content sometimes  
> changed with edition.)
> For authors with lots of titles (Faulkner springs to
> mind),  
> Guardianship might be shared.
> Of course, everyone is still free to send piecemeal
> additions to  
> Dogeared at any time -- a single DJ, a ToC, a link
> to missing or  
> better metadata, and so on.
> Comments? Suggestions? Concerns?
> -- Scot Kamins

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