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Tue Oct 11 16:24:06 EDT 2005


I have three, the earliest is T75 Malraux' Man's Fate with a copyright
renewal of 1961.  It has the same format as the non-collector described.

The second book's copyright renewal is 1968.  The cover changed to a title
at the top and a large colored block covering 3/4 of the cover and rolling
around to the spine.  Torchbearer is only on the back, as opposed to the
spine and front of the earlier one.

The third is Selected Writings of Emerson.  It is solid in color with white
type, has lost the T series designation, has the late 1970's stylized
torchbearer, and is designated "First Edition 987654321 Copyright Random
House 1981"

May not help with history, but may be a nugget or two of info.

John Wolansky

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